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Fitness & Learning

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  • Level 2 / EQF 3

    Leisure Industry Academy offers a wide variety of Level 2 courses available full time, part time, through blended learning and online.

    Whether you are beginning your fitness education journey or keen to explore new ways to train, we have the ideal courses for you. LIA are committed to our students, their personal development and encouraging them to be their best. Our careers advisors are on hand through every step and have the knowledge to help guide you to reaching your fitness goals!

  • Level 3 / EQF 4

    Our Level 3 courses are specifically designed to help fitness professionals expand their knowledge and progress further on their fitness journey.

    From Personal Training to Sports Massage, we offer numerous avenues for our students to improve upon their existing knowledge. Students can begin to specialise and shape their fitness careers in order to become the best in their fields. Our students are taught by experienced tutors who have significant industry experience and therefore can aid learning through real life experiences. We are committed to our stance that if you want to be the best, you have to train with them, which is why students continually return to LIA.

  • Level 4 / EQF 5

    Level 4 courses are aimed and designed for students who are keen to specialise in specific fields. These courses can aid knowledge of rehabilitation and also nutrition for disorders.

    These courses are for those who have progressed through their initial fitness education levels and have a desire to have a more in depth knowledge, of both the anatomy of the body and the benefits of exercise and nutrition.

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